Kariina GretereKariina Gretere is a Latvian-British Composer, Songwriter, Singer and Music Producer, who is currently working with traditional and interactive media projects and performances in London, UK, as well as on producing and promoting her solo album ‘Amber and Fly’ (2014). Kariina draws inspiration from a vast range of music of all ages and genres, ranging from early medieval music, Baroque, romaticisim and 20th Century classics, to Soviet and Western Film music, Baltic folk and choral music and contemporary singer-songwriters such as Elizabeth Fraser, Emmilou Harris, Jeff Buckley, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Joni Mitchel. Kariina specialises in electro-acoustic composition: a mixture of contemporary classical, choral, ambient, folk and popular music elements. Through her work, Kariina explores the field of dynamics and emotion, bringing out meaning, narrative and drama. Since graduating from London College of Music and Media, where she studied composition, her work has in particular focused on interactive media and the use of music and performance in interactive and dramatic narrative-driven multi-media environments (for example, at Media Lab, University of Art and Design with the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, and at the Interactive Institute, K3, Malmo, Sweden). Kariina has worked as a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge on reconfigurable, chance-driven music for practice-based interactive projects.

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