“By far, the most riveting aspect of the production quality of The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom has got to be the music. Think orchestral movie scores here – with beautifully haunting vocals. I could listen to this for hours. I find myself whistling the tune to myself at work. Very well done music.” (Game Vortex)

“Settlers 7 is host to great audio, from music that match the occasion, to subtle, yet refreshingly realistic ambient sound” (Game Informer)

“…the Hero Within track from the main menu can be considered la piece de resistance, reminding me of  Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal’s “Come With Me’, by Kariina Gretere.” (Computer Games)

“…the music in the game is outstanding, especially the main menu theme which sounds almost like a mix of celtic fantasy and The Cranberries. (Crispy Gamer)

“…music and the Irish vocal at the start of the game are exceptional …the soundtrack (with an Enya-like intro theme) deserves praise” (PC IGN UK)

“…  Rare is a game that has such beautiful music, which sounds like something out of a fairy tale movie, appropriately. Darker “scary” tunes for the deep forests, light fanciful melodies for the most hospitable environments. The melodic theme song from the main menu is a delight to listen to … Game music is rarely more appropriate for the game content than Zanzarah’s.” (Game Chronicles)

“The music is great and the main menu song which is performed by Kariina Gretere is sublime.” (Computer Games)

“After a painless 960 MB installation, we are greeted with an absolutely lovely and original opening theme by one Karina Gretere. Deliberately lingering at the menu screen to hear the theme more than once, I just had to share some of the lyrics with you…” (Four Fat Chicks)

“Zanzarah has some surprisingly great production values in terms of both art and music …” (Moby Games)

“… the excellent and very appropriate background music consists of relaxing New Age arrangements on medieval instruments.” (Gamespot)

“Music and sound effects are equally impressive. Appropriate fantasy music plays throughout the game, yet it somehow never becomes tiring.” (G4)

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